CEFEMAC celebrates World Environment Day in Bamenda

CEFEMAC was part of celebrations to mark the World Environment Day on the 5th of June in Bamenda. This years celebration in the North West Region of Cameroon was done with the distinguished patronage of the Governor of the North West Region and the Delegation of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development. The 2013 Edition of the World Environment Day was themed “Think. East. Save. Reduce your Food Print” highlighting food wastage around the world. 

Think.Eat.Save is an anti-food waste and food loss campaign that encourages you to reduce your foodprint. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), every year 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted. This is equivalent to the same amount produced in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. At the same time, 1 in every 7 people in the world go to bed hungry and more than 20,000 children under the age of 5 die daily from hunger (UNEP, 2013).

As food preparation is key to healthy eating, CEFEMAC also demonstrated the M-5000 clean cook stoves to a very enthusiastic of important elites of the Region and the general public.


Happy Mothers Day to all Mums of the World especially in Cameroon

Once in a year we get to commemorate mothers and the special role in play in our society. We want to wish all mothers across the globe, especially in Cameroon a happy mothers day! What joy and inspiration they bring to our society and communities. Mothers are special and that is why they deserve the best and finest on this planet.

Everyday across the globe, billions of mothers and their babies endure the inhalation of at times toxic fumes from cooking using traditional stoves and biomass as source of fuel. Mothers suffer the most due to their exposure to soot during cooking. Our strategic partner Envirofit International is ‘making the world a fit place for humanity’ by engineering innovative solutions that reduce in door air pollution by 80% and reduce firewood consumption. Mothers using the M-5000 Improved Cook Stove for example, inhale 80% less smoke during cooking, spend less time for cooking and also save money from reduced expenditure on firewood or travel less every week to fetch for firewood.

CEFEMAC and its project partner Bofas Sarl in Cameroon are proud to be part of a cause to catalyse the adoption of 100 Million clean cook stoves by 2020 across the globe. We are proud to say that over 1,000 mothers in Cameroon today are benefiting from the use of Envirofits M-5000 technology within the framework of the Cameroon Improved Cook Stove Programme (CiCP) being implemented by CEFEMAC in Cameroon on behalf of Envirofit International. We continue to reach out to various corners of the North West Region and are scaling up and getting ready to cover the national territory with new distributors approaching CEFEMAC for new distribution channels and the appointment of a new National Business Development Manager to be unveiled tomorrow.

We are going further one step and will be sponsoring up to 10 M-5000 stoves to “Mami Achombos” (Road side food vendors who are mothers) across Bamenda and Bafoussam in Cameroon to say thank you to Mothers and to say they deserve the best.

Watch out for our first of many newsletters outlining our achievements to date as we continue to Pioneer Sustainable Solutions that empower communities.

Happy Mothers Day to All.

Cameroon Improved Cook Stove Programme Team

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labour day 2

labour day 3

mothers using stove

mother using stove 2

Second Consignment of M-5000 clean cook stoves and skirts arrive Bamenda

The second consignment of Envirofit’s M-5000 clean cook stoves arrived Bamenda last week. It includes the stove skirts which we promised to those who bought stoves from our first consignment. We will be developing a plan to distribute the skirts as promised over the next couple of weeks.

To expand our reach and development of new markets outside Bamenda and to cover Littoral, West and Centre Regions for our portfolio of products including M-5000 stoves, institutional stoves, solar lamps and Septic Digest, Cefemac is recruiting an experienced Business Development Manager.

We are also searching for distributors who will champion our portfolio of products within these Regions. Interested persons are requested to drop an email to sales@cefemac.org.

Fueling the clean cook stove market Part 2 of 3

I am now sat on a 13 hour flight back to the UK from Phnom Penh. My legs hurt, I feel like I need a 24 hr foot massage, I feel tired, worn out and exhausted, but never have I felt more inspired. Inspired by the work of the many pioneers I have meet within the clean cook stove sector ; the dedication to the cause, the selfless sacrifice and inexplicable passion I experienced from the many social entrepreneurs I had the privilege of meeting!

My thanks first of all goes to the Global Alliance for cook stoves for making it possible that I attend the CCForum 2013. It was an opportunity that will certainly change my life with respect to the confirmation and validation of the fact that I am not alone in my quest towards lasting change albeit within the confines of what I can achieve and within the context of reality relative to place and time.

I want to thank my wife and partner Stefanie for the unwavering support, in believing in me and sticking with me to the bitter end despite the obvious challenges. To my partner in crime Alfred Jato for his believe and trust and to Mr Talla Godlove of Bofas Sarl for believing in the cause considered insane by most. Special thanks to the staff of Cefemac and Sales Agents from Bofas for their commitment, believe and support even to the extent of accepting a pay cut to further the vision of contributing towards the noble cause of providing a clean cook stove to every household in Cameroon. Without you, all this will never have been possible!

I must say well done to the Global Alliance staff for well organised conference filled with inspiring and information on the key issues affecting the clean cook stove crusade. It was a great honour to meet Jacob Moss of the US State Department and to see his drive in fueling the propulsion of the Global Alliance. It was such an inspiration to meet the brain child of Toyola Stoves from Ghana especially! Suraj I will say it again, that it was truely an honour to share ride with you.
We will surely explore avenues to fuel the cook stove market in West Africa. The well respected Fred Colgan called it the next gold rush. That was funny Fred and as I said I will be checking out your institutional stoves in Cameroon. My good friend Femi called it an opportunity and mentioned his blue ocean strategy as we shared a tuk-tuk to the market. Femi it was great to get to meet you and I bought your stove because I believed in it and will try it out in Cameroon.

All in all, a great week, loads of take-aways and food-for-thought but most importantly the lessons learnt, experience from others especially candid failure and success stories did it all for me. The enthusiasm I felt from all the over 150 participants I talked to, gave me hope that fueling the market is now a collective endeavour driven by passionate individuals and Organisations who share the same vision of capitalizing on the opportunity to save lives through efficient cooking technologies. Mankind has been cooking for millions of years but the urgency of ensuring that they use technology that is clean and more efficient has never been so urgent considering the eminent squeeze on natural resources catalysed by rapid population growth especially in those areas where the use of biomass for cooking will continue to rise. Fueling the market with innovative strategies, capacity building and concerted efforts will certainly help to promote the adoption of clean cooking solutions. I am thankful to the Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves for the platform they are using to ignite change in attitudes and fuel the market and most importantly catalyse the sparking of adoption which we would explore in the last Part 3 of the notes from Phnom Pehn.

Igniting Change – CC Global Forum 2013 – Part 1 of 3

It’s been very hectic and exciting at the same time. Cefemac is truely honored to be amongst hundred of global clean cook solution ambassadors who have come together to share experiences and discuss strategies in scaling up the mission of the Alliance to affect the lives of 100 million people by 2020.

The challenge is huge but I am really impressed by the amount of research out there on the social aspects affecting the adoption of efficient burning cook stoves especially. It is clear that market based approaches when integrated with National Programmes can spark innovation and not inhibit local manufacturing endeavours as our Government in Cameroon seem to think. Met with US State Department representative, GIZ, SNV and a number of internationally influential bodies to highlight the constraints Cefemac is encountering with the high import duties. Surely we may be able to collaborate effectively to facilitate policy change. Cefemac will leave Phnom Pehn with a formal mandate to create an Alliance of clean cook solutions in Cameroon to spark change in the adoption of clean cook stoves in Cameroon.






Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves Forum 2013

CEFEMAC continues to expand its distribution network in Cameroon with plans to start distribution in Yaounde, Douala and Bafouassam. We continue to change many lives through the distribution of Envirofits M-5000 firewood Stove despite the enormous challenges faced on the ground especially from Government Policy.

This week our CEO and Chairman Venan Sondo is in Phnom Pehn in Cambodia attending the Global Alliance Forum 2013. He will be sending updates about the event and the strategic contacts forged to catalyst the vision of Cefemac across Cameroon.